Tuesday, June 15, 2004

An administrative day.

Despite my allergies clogging my head and making it feel like I am carrying a bowling ball on top of it as if I were some African tribal water carrier, I have much to do today. To add a sporting touch to the day's to-do list I have taken sinus tablets to ease the bigness of my head. Why is that such a big deal you ask, because they make me as high as a kite.

First, I will head over to Costco and pick up the 4th Season of the Simpsons. WOOHOO!!!! Hopefully they will start picking up the pace on their releases because at the rate they are going I will be thirty by the time I have all of them. After the Costco stop I am going down to the dreaded Boise State University....guess you know where I am from now. I have to turn in all of my paperwork for certification for being a teacher. After that I think I am going to try to get in touch with some friends and go to lunch. I also need to stop by the bank. All in all, not the most interesting of days but a necessary one.

I will post more later on tonight. Later!


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