Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm Really Starting to Hate Facebook

The title to this post pretty much says it all. Facebook and I are not getting along right now.

1. When something happens in Boise or makes national news everyone makes essentially the same damned post. Take the death of Osama Bin Laden for instance; not only did I have to get it 24/7 from every media outlet on the planet, I then had to go on Facebook and wade through 250 posts all saying that Osama had died and how awesome it was. I am almost tempted mute everyone out of my news feed and nominate like two or three people to represent people on my friends list who are for the lack of a better term, B-List friends to make the status updates that I know all of the rest of them are making too. This way I just see three possibly funny or creative news updates instead of 250 updates that all say the same thing.

2. There are some people who are on my friends list that I can't stand. But I can't "unfriend" them because of connections to other people or family that would cause awkward situations. They are essentially the Facebook equivalent of testicular cancer. If you take measures to get rid of it, you risk losing a testicle but leaving them on there is slowly killing you. I know you can make it to where you can't see their posts but I am hesitant to do that because sometimes other friends refer to the peoples' posts and I don't want to be out of the loop.

3. People say the dumbest things in their status updates. When I post, I try to make the post funny or creative in some way. I despise posts that say, "Today, I ate at Denny's". Seriously, you really had to let the world know that? Idiot.

4. This part sounds mean but I am really not trying to be mean at all. Many of my friends have kids. I love that my friends have kids. I even like hanging out with most of their kids. But I have a couple of people on my list that insist on doing nothing but posting pics of their kids and telling me that their kid farted and it was funny. What I really really wish people would do is make a Facebook page for their babies. Then if the kid does something funny or you have the sudden urge to post 522 pictures of them in succession, you put them on the kid's Facebook page. That way, I don't have to see all of them or hear about every time they eat something they aren't supposed to. Like I said earlier, I love that my friends have kids, I just wish I didn't have to hear about them as much. I think you think things your kids do is way cuter when they are indeed, your kids. From an outsiders perspective, most of the things other peoples' kids do is kind of boring.

5. Do not use your damned Facebook site to sell crap or advertise for a business. I will admit, I am slightly guilty of this because I do very occasionally plug my photography stuff. But I do not use my profile page to whore out my Etsy goods or announce every time there is a dog that needs rescuing or every time my boyfriend's mediocre band is playing at a venue that I have never heard of. When people do this occasionally I am not bugged, when people only use their profile pages for this, they should be banned. That is why Facebook has pages for businesses and causes.

6. People who group invite all of their Facebook friends to something should be shot. It makes the people being invited feel like they don't really matter and it makes the people hosting the event look lazy and uncaring of who really shows up. If I am invited to an event that every single friend this person has is invited to, I am not showing up. Invite me personally or don't invite me at all.

7. All Facebook games and the people who shill for them should be shot. Nuff' said.

8. Facebook is not the place to share bible verses that mean nothing to anyone other than yourself. Facebook is not the place to put your extreme political views regardless of what side you are on. Facebook is not the place to tell me where you are at any given point in your day. Facebook is not the place you should go for personal validation.

That is all, I just needed to get this out. I feel better now.