Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Well, it is Thanksgiving. Today has been pretty interesting for me.

First, this has been pretty fun because for the first time in a couple of years, I am actually celebrating the holiday properly, with the correct food. Japanese people have problems conceptualizing a bird bigger than a chicken, therefore, find a turkey there was pretty much out of the question.

The other thing that is fun is this is the first holiday season that I am getting to view my family as a group of adults. My family is evolving and aging. Once, this was a holiday for me to play video games and put up with my younger cousins and brother. Now, my youngest cousin is eighteen and my other cousin became a father a couple of days ago. I know times are changing for a couple of reasons other than that: A) I played football B)During the football game my brother had to leave to take his very pregnant wife to the hospital.

Times are definitely changing but for the better. We are all a tad older but we all get along very well. I am thankful for being able to spend a holiday with my entire family and have all of us enjoy each others' company.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Off to Reno

Since Saturday is the BSU vs Reno game, my family and I will be cruising down to Reno for the weekend. That should be pretty least the poker will be. I am going to the game but could really care less. Poker on the other hand, I enjoy and have yet to lose at when playing in casinos. It will be a good, old fashioned family road trip as it will just be my mom, dad, brother, and I and a family friend. The downside is we are all fitting in a Civic hybrid for the ride. Yay.

In other news, I had the weird luck of getting invited to put my photography in an art exhibit at a local coffee shop. I went with a client of mine to a meeting for the organization of an art collective made up of people with mental illnesses. They needed some filler for a week and once they saw one of my pics that was in my phone, they invited me to join up too!

School is going is almost over for the semester so it is getting better and better the closer to December 16th it gets.

I have been busy doing things so posting on here has been quite far from my mind. Stuff is going pretty well though and I am looking forward to the Holidays. It is creepy that Thanksgiving is next week. For certain Aussie readers, don't feel bad, you are just missing a feast of turkey and stuffing and the awesome leftovers that follow. Don't feel too bad Ben, I will eat some Wendy's for you. :P

Sunday, November 02, 2008

And Welcome To November

Holy crap, I only made one post last month. Sorry. There was a lot going on and this blog is starting to play second string as I devote more of my time to my Facebook page.

I feel bad about not posting but really, those of you who read this aren't missing much. I go to work, I work out, I go to school, and I play some video games. That is pretty much my life at the moment. My money is going to other stuff right now so I haven't been traveling a lot. Work is work and while I like it, it isn't eventful and the stuff that does happen, I can't ethically put on here for the most part. Stupid expectations of privacy.

I found out I didn't get that teaching job. Ehh...I care but not enough to get all bent out of shape about. What irks me is that people can't even take the time to call and tell you you didn't get the job. So that is probably it for teaching interviews for a while, whatever works, at least now I can work knowing that is what I am going to be doing for a bit.

School is so irritating. I really should be getting my Masters instead of just a Special Ed certificate. The people I take most of my classes with are in the Masters program and for the life of me, I can't figure out how that is. It isn't that they don't know the material we study, they just don't seem like people that I would classify as deserving enough to be awarded a post-grad degree. I know what they get on our tests and I can safely say, they should be thankful the classes aren't curved because if they were only about three people would be doing well, me being one of them. It really isn't my business what grades other people get but I am shallowly motivated by the drive that makes me want to be at the top of my classes grade-wise and at the bottom of the classes effort-wise. I have near 100% in both of my classes at the moment and I can confidently say that I have spent more time watching one episode of the Simpsons than I have studying for both classes combined. I wish school was more challenging, I get bored.

Halloween was fun. I dressed up like Walter from the Big Lebowski and went to a pretty good party. I think my sole purpose for going to the party was to be the bartender which is cool because I like making drinks. If I ever had the money given to me, I would start a bar and it would rock. Sometimes I wonder if I would make a better bartender than a teacher, I have an equally good time doing both. Bartending would probably pay more with tips included. :P

Anywho, this is me at the beginning of November. I am not totally happy with life at the moment but I am content knowing that it is all a work in progress and it is actually moving somewhere. Later.