Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guess I Didn't Get It

So the high school that I interviewed at never even called me back to tell me that I didn't get the job. This irritates me, not so much because I didn't land the sweet teaching position I was hoping for but more because they didn't have the common decency to call and tell me.

So now I guess it is back to life as usual. This week has been pretty sweet. Work has been going well and my boss is happy that I am still her employee. Last night, Jim and I went to the Idaho International Film Festival to watch a funny show called, Tokyo Gore Police. It was basically an absurdly bloody Japanese slasher movie that was so gory it was funny.

Someone that I don't mention very much on here but have been hanging out with a lot is my friend/girlfriend, Malia. It is kind of difficult to explain our relationship because we technically broke up after going out for about a month but that didn't change very much in terms of our practical relationship. Malia and I are pretty much perfect for each other...if it were not for the fact that she is Mormon and I am not. This has made for a somewhat confusing relationship. I think now, we have basically come to the conclusion that we just are not going to think of us in terms of going out or not going out, but we are just going to hang out until the whole relationship breaks down or one of us finds someone else. It sounds very pessimistic when I put it that way but both of us are pretty realistic in terms of the chances of this working out due to religious differences. Either way, I enjoy whatever it is that I have with her and I have been spending a lot of time with her as of late.

Not too much else to report, everything is going pretty well. Tony and I leave for Ben's wedding in two weeks and I am getting excited for that. Ben's wedding is a win-win situation for several reasons. First and foremost, Ben is getting married and that is pretty freakin' cool. Second, he is getting married in California and that means that I will be eating In N Out sometime in the near future. Third, Tony and I get to have a little road trip in order to get to the wedding and I am happy for that because Tony and I don't get to hang out as much as we used to.

Anywho, I didn't get the job but if you can't tell, I am not overly shaken up about it. I will just keep going to school and eventually I will get the teaching job that I want. Everything else is joyfully moving right along!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On The Eve Of Something

I am feeling so very odd right now.

Tomorrow, I will find out whether or not I have that History position at the new high school. I am very anxious for the news, in a good way. I have never been in a position where I like my current job enough not to be too heartbroken if I don't get this next job. I feel somewhat torn.

On one side of things, if I get this job lots of stuff happens. I get a significant amount more money a month coming in. I work a lot more hours. I still like my job. I will basically be living my dream. At the same time, it will be a lot of responsibility and that is something I have grown rather accustomed to not having. Right now, I have a handful of people to look after. If I get this job I will have over a hundred. This is my career I would be starting for real.

If I don't get this job, life kind of continues like normal. I like the job I have now. I live comfortably. It is laid back.

I know I crave more than I am doing now and I think getting this teaching job would be challenging and fun and rewarding. Ok, I really hope I get this teaching job. So on the eve of my big news one way or the other, I am hoping for something new. I want this job...bad. It means a start to the next level of my life and I am ready for that. The other day my dad told me he thought I had paid my dues for long enough and that I deserved this job. That made me kind of proud because I have put a lot of work into a teaching career and so far, it hasn't been exactly extraordinary. I am ready for the real deal.

I guess I will know if I get my shot tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview = Aced

Yesterday, I got up pretty early and soaked in the jacuzzi tub for a bit to try to calm my nerves a tad. I then watched a couple episodes of the Simpsons and that also helped to ease the tension that I had coursing through me. I am not sure why I get nervous for interviews because I am pretty sure I do well in them. Either way, I was definitely nervous.

I got to the school ten minutes early and the principal was ten minutes late in getting done with the interviewee before me. Once I got in there and started talking to him, it was easy. The answers I gave were what he wanted to hear I think and I know I impressed him several times during our chat. It helped that he was Japanese and has been to Japan several times. I knew where his family lived in Japan and he knew roughly where I had lived. We spoke a little Japanese and talked about traveling around the country. When he asked me the question that pertained to the job, I think I answered them to the best of my ability and he agreed with me on my answers. All in all, the interview didn't last long but I think I did well. At least, as well as I was capable of doing.

Now comes the waiting game. This doesn't bother me nearly as much as the days going into the interview did because I know from this point on, the ball is out of my court and I have done all I can do. I know there are sixteen other candidates for the job but on paper I would guess I look better than at least half of them due to my Special Education stuff and the work I do now. What will keep me from getting this job is if there is someone with more experience than me or someone that had an insanely great interview. I thought mine went pretty well but who knows, other people probably interview better than me. Anywho, I will find out on Tuesday if I got the position. I hope I get it but if I don't I will probably feel crappy for a day or two and then get over it. I like the job I have now and I know that once I get all of my Special Ed stuff done, I will get a teaching job for sure, it is just a matter of time.

When I find out more, I will post it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, my clothes for the interview are all laid out and my resume has been touched up and printed. The letters of recommendation have been assembled, I think I am ready for tomorrow morning. Am I nervous, yes. Am I very prepared for this, yes. Do I think I will get the job, dunno.

I think I am qualified for the job and I think I would do well at it. But, I also know that there are definitely people out there with more experience than me. I think if I do not get this job it will be because there was someone with more experience than me that was interviewed. I also know that I have done well to make myself look pretty good on paper so at this point, I think it is up in the air.

People around me have been talking so positive about the potential of this job for me and how good of a fit it all is. This makes me nervous because despite my best efforts, I am getting hopeful that I will get this job and think I will probably feel a tad put out if I don't get it. But if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen and there is always next year. Besides, I like the job I have now and don't mind doing it for the foreseeable future. But I will be a little let down.

Anywho, I am anxious but I feel like I have done everything leading up to tomorrow morning to prepare me and qualify me for the position so I will just give it my best shot and see how it all goes.

Wish me luck and I will tell you what happened tomorrow!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nervous In A Good Way

Last week was really stressful. Nothing bad happened per se and I didn't work very many hours but the hours I worked seemed to drag on forever because of all of the extra little stuff I was doing for clients that I don't normally need to do. None of that stuff was particularly difficult either, it just broke up my routine and that sent time spiraling out of control.

Having said that, I deemed that Saturday would be a day of supreme relaxation and it was. Until I got a phone call.

A new high school has opened up in Meridian and this school is state-of-the-art. It is awesome on about eight levels of awesome. I have never been inside of it because I have had no reason to go there...until now that is. I have an interview for a History position this coming Thursday morning.

I am not sure why I am nervous about the interview because I have designed myself to look pretty awesome on paper. When interviewed, my credentials for a beginning teacher are also pretty tight. Not only am I certified to teach History, I will be able to teach Special Ed in less than a year. I also spend my days working with people with disabilities and have taught at a private school in Japan. I have also worked solely with kids with autism. I guess what I am saying is that my resume is very tidy for a school looking to pick up a History teacher. I am not bragging about this particularly, I am just very proud of the work I have done to put myself in the position I am in as far as hire-a-bility is concerned.

I think I am nervous because if I were to get this job, it represents a significant change in my life. I am in a rut that I like being in now but if the opportunity were to come along, I would have to take this job, regardless of pay or hours. Getting in on the ground floor of history at a brand spanking new school is an exciting opportunity. If hired, I would be amongst the first generation of teachers at that school and I like that idea for some goofy reason.

I think I am writing this post more to convince myself that I shouldn't be nervous because I know I am in a good position to get this job. I look good on paper and I interview well in person. I think the reason I am nervous is because of the change and because of how my first History teaching interview went several years ago. I was just out of school and was somewhat cocky and didn't answer some questions like I should have. I know better this time and will use that first time and the various other interviews I have had to build on for the upcoming interview.

I just hate having nervous energy, whether it be good or bad nervous energy. But I really like the possibility of being able to finally start my career for real this time.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Summer's End

Well, it is that time again. Summer is pretty much over and Fall is almost here. I am excited because Fall is pretty much the best time of the year. At the same time, I am kind of at a loss for stuff to say. Lately, things have been going well but different things are not clicking that I want to click.

I was going out with a really cool girl for about a month and that ended do to religious differences. I ended it, that was odd. I have never broke up with anyone before and I felt bad. I felt really bad because other than religion, we were a perfect fit it seemed. Oh well, stuff will work out, it always does.

Ben's parents have now given me a date as to when they are coming back for the year. It seems I will probably be going to live with the older roommates (parents) for a while. I have already set my Winter goals. If I am going to be at my parents, I am going to save money like mad and workout like mad. Those are my two goals for the Winter.

School is going well. It is easy; it always is. I wish that I could find a class that challenged me that was not math related. I wish I could take a class where I actually had to think. Oh well.

If you can't tell, I am in kind of an "oh well" mood. Things are going pretty good but could be better. Things could also be much much worse. Things just kind of are.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Recent Happenings

So it is now the first day of September.

Yesterday, I got back from going to Craters of the Moon with Jim. That was pretty fun, we did some cave exploring and looked around the barren wasteland that is Craters of the Moon state park. We also made a trip to ERB-1, the world's first nuclear reactor that was used for something other than building nuclear weapons. I also talked my way out of a speeding ticket.

I am also now going out with someone. I like her but I worry about the fact that she is Mormon and her family doesn't really approve of our relationship. I am not sure how it is all going to turn out but I like hanging out with her and figure that I can just spend time with her and have fun and worry about the future later.

School has started again and so far it looks like it will be pretty easy. I have an internet based class this semester and I am not fond of it but I need to take it so I guess I will just grin and bare it.

Work is going okay. I wish I could take a real vacation at some point. I am not sure what I would do on said vacation but I would just like to go somewhere for a little while and not have to worry about anything. Not that I have been worrying about much anyway but I just want to get out of town for more than a day or two.

I won third place and honorable mention with the two pictures I submitted to the fair. I am not sure if I have mentioned this already so if I have, sorry, if I haven't, go me.

Anywho, that is what has been going on lately! I will post more soon.